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Item#: CSH17680
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Special features include economic design, superior flatfield plan optics, anti-fungus treated coated optics and advanced quality optics which provide crisp, high contrast images.

  • Body: Binocular, inclined at 30° and will rotate 360°. Comes with both diopter & interpupillary adjustments
  • Eyepiece: Anti-fungus coated optix, 10x Widefield eyepiece, Field No. 20mm
  • Objectives: Plan 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR (oil) (R-Spring Retractable) achromatic objectives - parfocal and precisely centered; color-coded for easy identification
  • Nosepiece: Reversible quadruple nosepiece for easy access to the stage and prevention of damage to slides and objectives, ball bearing action allows objectives to rotate into place with precise click-stop action, ribbed band on carrier for soft touch
  • Mechanical Stage: Low position with coaxial knobs; removable stainless steel slide carrier provides maximum specimen scan
  • Stage: Large sturdy stage: 210mm x 140mm
  • Abbe Condenser: Substage (N.A. 1.25) with Iris Diaphragm; vertical movement on rack and pinion; factory pre-centered; blue filter included; with Iris Diaphragm and Field Diaphragm centerable for Koehler Illumination; centerable with extra lens for the 4x objective
  • Focusing: Graduated coaxial coarse and fine focusing with tension control and auto-focus stop to protect gears, objectives, and glass slides; all brass gears with ball bearing guide system
  • Illumination: 6 volt, 20 watt halogen; variable intensity control knob; on/off switch
  • Construction: Ergonomically designed, metal construction assures durability; epoxy-ester finish is scratch and chemically resistant
  • Size: 17" tall, 20 pounds
  • Cord: 3-wire, grounded